American Fantasy Jesus

by Specters

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Skeptical implicitly Questioning your reasoning I swear it's in my jeans Keep it in the family Cloak it in an outer peace Never share this beast Altercations show their teeth Competitions never cease All so sorry Please forgive me Pointed misfit So resistant Jealous halfwit Nervous poor kid Maladjusted
I was counting sheep When you walked in with all your peeps I put on clothes and walked outside And soon began to socialize It was against my will it's true I should have stood up against you I could have told this is lame Now I've just myself to blame Nice guy, nice guy This time, this time When I'm more mature I may stand up for myself more I must come off as such a loon God, I hope it happens soon What it wrong with me? Do I need a lobotomy? Is my solution somehow flawed? Will my spirit soon be robbed? My pride, my pride Has died, has die Now's it's time to act tough Lesson fully learned Now expect me to return To a freedom fully earned Hats off to me for being so clever
Silly me, I never told you that I've never been a patient man Turn the key and see me do the kinds of things you never thought I can Would you believe it was in me to put an end to all your joy? Though I'm still your toy, your golden boy, obedient under your command I'm your right-hand man I'm with you and you're with me and it's a mutual exclusive deal You can't contain what's on your brain but baby that's the whole appeal The rock is your the pearl is mine but otherwise our life is shared Don't go away, least not today, don't leave me shakin' in my chair Golden boy I'm your golden boy
Summer days spent With your best friend Blood trumps all the best things Lonely for 9 months of the year But now my brother's in town We don't care what we're doing We're going down to L.A. I'll drive you there, just one way Then I'll fly home and see you Christmastime, and speak to You randomly, because we Lead different lives, and you're so busy That's how things go, I understand But all the same, I feel so shitty
Introduce yourself to Little Tom Was born without a mom In the summer of '76 Little Tom was fond of making bombs And tossing them across The Atlantic I pledge alleagience to you Little Tommy used to sit along Relatively unknown Such a little isolationist Little Tom went on to win the war Found out what guns are for Now he's not so small anymore Little Tom is going on, Little Tom is going on, To big things Little Tom is here to prosper You are not Little Tom's concern Him and his pet B-2 bomber Little Tom eternal honor
You never asked for the dose Somehow it lodged in your throat Oh, your eyes are crossed Your mind is lost How did we get in this mess? I'd say we failed at some test We were making some progress pushing forward from the front end You know that most of your friends are gonna ask you just what happened Why you cried, you cried That's what you cried, you cried You think you can just go to school, get a job, go to work, and not be tempted to blow it all to hell? And when your life is suddenly in smithereens, you might not find yourself stategizing how to get it back off the ground You might be laying facedown in the dirt! And in that situation, would you want your friends to say good night and good riddance? Or would you want someone to stand by your side and hole your hair? I'll be there to hold your hair Because that's what friends do, friends care And I'd expect you to do the same thing for me, alright?
What did you see on your way downtown When you saw what you saw on your bike last Thursday? Girl? I wasn't with you but I swear I could tell By the dullness in your eyes that you'd been infultrated By a ghost Don't be afraid my sweet and believe me when I tell you In the eyes of this beholder that I love you And you've done nothing wrong As for your condition baby don't look down Just look around you to see that things get better Over here When there's nowhere to run And no lamp to rub Just an island too high No swim to have swum What an obscene realization To pay all your debts And still not find The keys to your shackles
I'm always waiting I'm always waiting But nothing happens No nothing ever happens to me I'm unhappy And there's something holding me back And it's not me I swear it's anything but, anything but, anything But me All my buddies Know everybody who's cool When I'm with them I feel so much less like a fool And the truth is I can do anything that they do The only difference Is that their waiting is through Don't let me rot
And suddenly nobody sees her One more soul's return to the ether I still hear her song in the air It rings so sweetly as if she were still there, oh Though we may crane our necks and stare When will we ever truly know what's out there? I know there's no reason for the asking But some wonder must exist just beyond our grasp In death there will exist eternal grace A paradise outside of time and space Wouldn't it be so crazy if it worked that way? I know you wouldn't have it any other way Moses, holy cow Decades have passed by Beard is growing down Down to the waist line When I meet the shroud Roll me to host my Party in the ground Drunk on the sweet pine


released February 24, 2015

All songs written by Specters
Stephen Steen - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Sterling Laws - drums
Additional guitar and keys by Trevor Spencer

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Trevor Spencer
Recorded at the Unknown in Anacortes, WA
Mixed at Champion St. Sound Studios
Mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering

Photos by Isaac K. Martin
Album design by Cory Schmitz

Special thanks to Christian Fulghum and Fin Records for their generous support of this release


all rights reserved



Specters Seattle, Washington

power pop poser rock slacker jock

romanticizing the 90s since 2011

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